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The following are examples of recent commissioned art I have produced.


I was recently commissioned by a local Interior Designer to do a painting for one of their projects. Carrollton Bank was completely redecorated by them, (they did a great job) and they needed some art for their conference room, with windows facing the busy street in downtown Clayton, MO. I did two paintings that were twins, to flank the sides of the room.


I was contacted by a couple who was looking for a solution for their large 2 story great room. They had been in their home for years, but never had a good solution for that room. The room needed art that would match its scale. My collector also wanted to incorporate their orange color scheme into the art. I consulted with them, worked up some renderings, and we agreed on this final look. The finished diptych is a massive 5 foot by 7 foot, each panel.


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